Museum Art Hotel

Awards & Accolades

The annual Wellington Receptionist of the Year Competition

The competition involved an interview with a panel of five Wellington Hotel representatives. During this interview Candidates were asked a series of questions testing their   

knowledge of costs, profits, revenue/yield management, staffing levels, structure, promotional ideas etc.

Then they were required to demonstrate their abilities (customer service, selling skills, problem solving etc) in a Reception desk role play.  The role play is described as a “typical shift at Reception, when one never knows what to expect next”! The outline scenario brief was sent in advance to finalists to familiarize themselves – especially knowledge of the fictitious hotel and situation described.

After competing, Candidates, family and their hotel managers were invited to attend the Awards Presentation.  We are proud to announce that the winner was Greer Birkinshaw from the Museum Art Hotel and the 1st runner up was Marissa Walmsley ALSO from the Museum Art Hotel. Our girls will go on to represent Wellington at the National competition in Christchurch on Friday 27 September.  The overall winner from that competition goes to represent NZ at the international competition in Germany in January 2014.